Five Questions September 2023

Posted on 2023-09-18

I'm a little behind this month, but better late than never.


What is your go-to conversation starter?

Pass. I am terrible at starting conversations. (Hence why I appreciate Christina starting these conversations with her Five Questions posts. Thanks, hon!)

Describe the interior of your ideal home.

Tall ceilings, because I am tall. Only a few things on the walls, if any; otherwise a nice neutral color. Hardwood floors. A bedroom separate from any other usage, which can become completely dark at bedtime. Plumbing such as is common in modern times.

In actuality, I'm not very picky, as long as it's a comfortable place to live. But the short ceilings will drive me crazy.

When you visit a foreign or new-to-you city, what are you most keen to see and experience?

I am (usually) not a tourist. If I am going somewhere, it is to do something in particular, not merely "see the sights" or however one describes it. To that end, once I have done the particular thing (or while I am en route to do the particular thing, depending) I like to try to see and experience the place as the locals see and experience it.

For instance, I try to ride the subway/bus instead of driving in places like New York. I enjoy local street food and usually seek it out from the street, but if a local friend tells me an eatery to go to (or avoid) I will follow their advice. (e.g., I've never been to the two big "famous" cheesesteak stands in Philadelphia, but I've been to ones Philly phriends suggested.)

A fill-in the blank sentence for you: "I used to be _________ but I'm not anymore."

I used to be _an angry young man_ but I'm not anymore.

Granted, I'm not a young man of any description anymore, but this particular change is one that I'm quite happy about. Being a husband and stepfather, settling down, and generally learning to enjoy things has driven the anger away to great degrees.

What's something good and small your friend did for you lately?

A friend told me about a local brewery bringing beer, food, and such to the garden plot across the street from my apartment this past weekend. It was exactly the sort of low-key yet fun event that I needed after a not-very-fun week. Thanks, Chris!

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