Five Questions August 2023

Posted on 2023-08-11

christyotwisty has questions, I have answers.


What, if anything, do you try to commit (or limit) to an hour per day?

I try to limit TV watching to an hour a day, if that. If I'm watching something that goes longer than an hour, I'll not watch the next day to offset, etc.

I also try to exercise half an hour per day, but often fail. There are other things I should try to limit.

Have you met your elected representative at the council, mayor, regional, or national level? Did your representative address you by name?

Not recently (since moving out of Maryland a few years back.) I got to meet several city councillors in the city where I lived in Maryland. Once, while at university, I got to meet the state's governor at the time. None of these people knew me by name.

If you had the opportunity to attend any concert or music festival, past or present, which one would you choose and why?

I'm finding it hard to settle on one - my tastes in music are many and varied, and there are many opportunities I can think of to be present for live performance of any of them. I suppose I'd like to be present at the first performance of something new and controversial, like Bob Dylan at the 1965 Newport festival, or the first live Bitches Brew, or even the premiere of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. I really enjoy being challenged by new music, so anything along those lines would be fun.

What's the dumbest thing someone ever lied to you about?

My late wife once lied to me saying she had put Italian sausage in a dish, when she had put in some plant-based sausage substitute. I say this is the dumbest thing because I wouldn't have objected if she'd told me what it was up front, especially since it tasted good enough to fool me (and we had it again.)

How often do you declutter the electronic media and files on your devices?

All the time. I cannot relate to the mindset of having bunches of files on the desktop, hundreds or thousands of messages in my inbox, so many browser tabs that you can't tell them apart, etc. All of that stuff gets cleaned up as I go, even if it does mean deleting things I end up needing later (which happens about once a year or so.)

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