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linenoise is a library that generates strings of random characters (herein called a "noise") that can be used as reasonably secure passwords.It is an extraction of the password generator from my prior project genpw, and intended to be genpw's successor.

linenoise 1.0.x and 1.1.x are stable. There will be no new features added to linenoise 1.x.x. New features may be added in a 2.0.x branch, if I think of any, but I have none planned right now.


linenoise exports one function and one struct.

Noise is the noise-generating function. It is called with a Parameters (see next paragraph.) It returns a string and an error. If the Parameters can be used to create a noise with the desired length, the string is the generated noise and the error is nil. Otherwise, the string is "" and the error is a typical Go error object.

Parameters is a struct containing the following:

  • Length int is the length of the noise desired.
  • Upper bool indicates whether the noise should contain uppercase characters.
  • Lower bool indicates whether the noise should contain lowercase characters.
  • Digit bool indicates whether the noise should contain digits.


import ""

p := linenoise.Parameters{
        Length: 42,
        Upper:  true,
        Lower:  false,
        Digit:  true,
result, err := linenoise.Noise(p)
if err != nil {

Contributing to linenoise

If you think you have a problem, improvement, or other contribution towards the betterment of linenoise, please file an issue or, where appropriate, a pull request.

Keep in mind that I'm not paid to write Go code, so I'm doing this in my spare time, which means it might take me a while to respond.

When filing a pull request, please explain what you're changing and why. Please use standard Go formatting (go fmt is your friend.) Please limit your changes to the specific thing you're fixing and isolate your changes in a topic branch that I can merge without pulling in other stuff.

linenoise uses Conventional Changelog style. Please follow this convention. Scopes are not required in commit messages.

linenoise uses the MIT license. Please indicate your acceptance of the MIT license by using git commit --signoff.

linenoise is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

Thanks for contributing!