Mark Cornick

Hi, I'm Mark.

I'm a DevOps engineer specializing in Kubernetes, AWS, and Jenkins at a company I won't name because I'm not speaking for the company. For fun, I write Go and Python, and a little bit of Rust. I used to write a lot of Ruby and Rails, but haven't done that in a while.

I was part of the original organizing committee for DevOpsDays DC, and have participated in the DevOps DC meetup group, but am no longer active in either group.

I am a classically trained percussionist, but once I left music school, I never did music professionally. I did play drums in a few small bands and in the supporters' sections of soccer games for many years. I was a college radio DJ (at WXJM and WTJU), and previously did shows on aNONradio and tilderadio.

I live in Reston, Virginia, about half an hour west of Washington, DC. My time zone is US/Eastern. I speak English natively, and can read and write French and a bit of Spanish. I am male and use he/him pronouns. My last name is Cornick, not McCormick; I am unrelated to any McCormicks. My username is pronounced "em-cornick."

Please don't contact me about job opportunities or to sell me anything. If I'm interested, I'll find you. If you do contact me and say something like "I was reviewing your web site", I'll know you're lying.

I am no longer on the X formerly known as Twitter (because it's a toxic waste dump) and I'm not on LinkedIn (because I don't want to be chum for recruiter sharks.) But I do maintain a few pages locally:

And a few external links:

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