I’m a DevOps engineer specializing in Kubernetes, AWS, and Jenkins at a company I won’t name because I’m not speaking for the company, and it doesn’t use GitHub anyway. For fun, I write Go and Python, and a little but of Rust.

I was part of the original organizing committee for DevOpsDays DC, and have participated in the DevOps DC meetup group, but am no longer active in either group.

I live in Reston, Virginia, about half an hour west of Washington, DC. My time zone is US/Eastern. I speak English natively, and can read and write French and a bit of Spanish. I am male and use he/him pronouns. My last name is Cornick, not McCormick; I am unrelated to any McCormicks. My username is pronounced “em-cornick.”

Please don’t contact me about job opportunities or to sell me anything. If I’m interested, I’ll find you. If you do contact me and say something like “I was reviewing your web site”, I’ll know you’re lying.

I am no longer on Twitter (because it’s a toxic waste dump) or LinkedIn (because I don’t want to be chum for recruiter sharks.) I am, however, on Mastodon.

I can blogging

Wow, I’m really bad at this. Let’s see if I can keep the blog going this time. I recently retired my linenoise-cli project and replaced it with a fork called mpg, which stands for Mark’s Password Generator, Makes Passwords with Go, or even MPG was Previously Genpw (shout out to those who’ve been stalking my work for a while.) The primary objective here was to have a name that is shorter to type.
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Here we go again

With my exit from Twitter, I’m going to need somewhere else to post, so I’m going to try blogging again. We’ll see if I stick with it this time.
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